Learning to lead in the remote workspace should be straight forward, applicable, and interactive. The co-founders & instructors, Allison and Christina, will deliver just that.


Allison St. John, co-founder

Instructional Design
Question Asking
Remote Work

Allison is an adept facilitator, both virtually and in-person, for management, leadership development, and change management. She is also a trusted consultant to uncover the root cause of business problems in those areas.

Holding a master’s degree in communication, with a concentration of adult learning and instructional design, Allison brings talent development design expertise to every presentation and client engagement. The result is highly impactful adult learning that converts into implemented actions.

She now leads a remote team and facilitates both in-person and virtual leadership courses for Fortune 500 companies.


Christina Rowe, co-founder

Team Strategy
Gallup StrengthsFinder
Results Driven

Christina is a team development and leadership expert helping leaders and whole teams achieve new levels of success and enjoyment in their roles. Christina is Gallup-Certified in Strength-based coaching.

Holding a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, Christina focused on successful organizational development, change, and culture.

She now supplies teams, boards, and entire organizations with the tools to communicate, reduce conflict, and be highly productive, resulting in more engaged teams, who often report higher quality of life as a result.