Our Mission


It all started when…

Allison was working remotely, traveling around south east Asia and the USA and Christina was working with dispersed teams.

Both saw first hand that location is irrelevant, WiFi connects us all. Yet, the meaningful relationships and connectedness between remote managers and remote teams—the most critical and rewarding aspect of being working humans— was getting lost in the distance gap. Allison & Christina repeatedly witnessed teams failing to utilize their remote team members to their fullest extent based on a location bias.

Something had to be done.

Christina’s work to develop proactive teams with clear communication was part of the answer. Allison’s ability to teach remote leaders new skills and tools was the other.

With their expertise combined, The Remote Leader Project was born.

We’re dedicated to equipping remote leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully coach and communicate to lead remote teams.

Problems in remote teams don’t have to be an ongoing issue.

It simply requires the practice of virtual leadership knowledge and skills…..and that starts with one leader at a time.