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Build and Sustain a Thriving Remote Team Culture

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The distance and autonomy in remote work can sometimes leave individuals feeling isolated and lacking team culture. The end result: lower productivity, minimal collaboration, and diminishing engagement. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

This course will show you how you, as a virtual leader, can take steps to intentionally create a shared language, set expectations to be outcome focused, and actively build community.

You’ll see specific examples of how to transfer your organization’s culture into your remote team, as well as, how to sustain your own unique remote team culture.

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Master Virtual Meetings with Video

Early Bird Discount: $295 (normally $347)
+ Access to Facebook Community Group of Remote Leaders

Awkward silences. Disengagement. Technology fumbles. Virtual meetings can be a time waster, if not done well. This is caused by two underlying causes: lacking competencies and clunkiness.

This course will teach you how you, as the virtual leader, can set expectations and adopt a few simple, yet impactful facilitation techniques that will you address both issues.

This isn’t just another ‘meeting’ course, it’s about adopting new skills and seeing a mock virtual meeting in action.

It's time to master virtual meetings so that you can shift meeting culture, and in the process build remote team collaboration, increase engagement, and ultimately be more productive.

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Make Better Connections as a Remote Manager

‘Out of sight’ can sometimes means ‘out of mind’ for remote workers, leading to team disconnection and dysfunction. Yet, when you make better connections in your remote team, you and your employees can be more productive, less frustrated with communication gaps, and could function better than if you were in a traditional office.

It starts with asking the right questions.

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